6ème Conférence Internationale AIMS

Conference Site (updated June 13)

The conference will take place on the campus of the university of Poitiers, avenue du Recteur Pineau in Poitiers. This campus is about 3 miles east from the town center (see the left map below).

The reception of the conference will be in the hall of the Faculté de Droit and Sciences Economiques, near the Amphitheater 501 (building number 1 on the right map below). The reception will start on Saturday, June 24 at 1:30 pm. The secretariat of the conference (for the on site payment, for instance) will be in Room 156 of the Faculté de Droit and Sciences Economique. It will be open every day from Saturday, June 24 until Wednesday, June 28. The closest city bus stops are RABELAIS on line 1 (the travel from town center takes about 10mn), and PARCOBUS CHAMPLAIN on line 9 (for people coming from the Futuroscope). For more information concerning the city bus in Poitiers, read City Bus in Poitiers .

The other rooms of the conference will be in The Faculté de Droit and Sciences Economiques (building number 1 on the right map below) and the building of Physique de la Faculté de Sciences (building between number 14 and number 16 on the right map below - see also the last map below). In particular, there will be Free Internet access in the Batiment de Physique.

The campus dorms are in Résidence Descartes , a walking distance from the conference site (see the map Campus Sud). The keys of the rooms will be at the reception of the conference.

For more information about the access to the campus, consult the maps at http://www.univ-poitiers.fr/rechercher/plans/default.htm See also the Mappy Road guide

The hotels Plaza, Quality Alteora, Comfort Alteora and Hotel du Parc are located on the Futuroscope area, which is about 8 miles north from town center (see left map above). City buses (line 9) run from downtown to the hotels: see City Bus in Poitiers for more information. Free transportation from the hotels to the conference site will be provided: see Useful informations

The banquet will take in the Plaza (Clarion) Hotel on Monday (June 26) evening.
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