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Marc van Leeuwen

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General information

My working address is

Université de Poitiers
Laboratoire de Mathématiques et Applications
UMR 7348 du CNRS
SP2MI - Site du Futuroscope
Bât. H3
11 Boulevard Marie et Pierre Curie
TSA 61125

Telephone:05 49 49 68 98
Fax: 05 49 49 69 01

And here is my Curriculum vitae with list of publications.

Atlas of Lie groups and Representations

image of the 1-skeleton of the convex hull
      of the root system of type E8,
      projected onto a plane on which a Coxeter element
      of the Weyl group acts by a rotation over 360/30=12 degrees Since 2003, I am a member of the project Atlas of Lie groups and Representations. In this project my role involves working on the software project also named atlas that was created by Fokko du Cloux. Originally I was to work on the interpreter, a new user interface that should make the functions in the mathematical library available in a flexible way. However, unfortunate events have led to a situation in which I have assumed a more central role in the development of this software.

In March 2007 this project has obtained sudden (and probably short-lived) celebrity after the publication of the successful completion, in January 2007, of the computation of the 453060×453060 matrix of Kazhdan-Lusztig-Vogan polynomials for the big block of the split real Lie group of type E8. It should be noted that such matrices for all other cases of interest could already be computed by the atlas software as of December 2005. In that development I have played no role, but I have in the effort to squeeze the huge computation necessary for the final case into the limited amount of RAM (64GiB) that we had available for it (or more precisely the machine that William Stein had kindly given us the use of). Here are a local press release and a slides of a persentation (in French).


Most of the papers I have written are available electronically.

My thesis

A Robinson-Schensted algorithm in the geometry of flags for Classical Groups Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht, 1989.

Algebraic Combinatorics

Computer Algebra

Literate Programming

You may also have a look at the preprints that I wrote at CWI (in Postscript format).


Public packages

I have made substantial contributions to the following two software packages, and although in both cases they were initiated by other people, I feel responsible for the state of their code and their documentation, and for their maintenance.

Personal projects

I have always enjoyed writing programs just for the programming challenge they presented to me. You may enjoy looking at a list of these often crazy projects.

Other interests

I enjoy choral singing (I sing the tenor voice), and have been active in many different choirs in the Poitiers region. It should be noted that it is not particularly difficult to find choirs that welcome tenors. Currently I am a member of the "Choeur de Chambre de la Vienne" and of the "Ensemble Vocal du Bois d'Amour".

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